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I saw a post going round about the Revelation deleted scene from Reunion, which wasn’t included on the DVD because it was so late in production. This is the only footage I could find of it, so I figured I’d share… dear lord, Maine, that’s just brutal.

I’d say enjoy, but I don’t think anyone can enjoy a gif of Wash getting smashed flat by a Warthog.


when you think about it doc has had the weirdest fucking character arc in this whole show

i mean he went from dropping into blood gulch and being rejected by both teams within 30 minutes in season 2 to being possessed by an evil AI (and being pretty OK with that for the most part) and standing around being buddy-buddy with a bodiless robot in season 3 to being stuck in a block of carbonite in season 8 to living on a farm with donut and using lopez as a fucking scarecrow in season 10

and now in season 12 he’s trapped in a future cube

what the fuck is doc even


constantly upset about ai: the post, the blog, the lifestyle


This has almost 3,000 notes. I love all of you.


some old sketches. 

i have very strong feelings about tucker and caboose’s friendship.

i’ll never have their faces figured out don’t look at me.

Wash: Church, there's no such thing as ghosts. You're one of them. You're an A.I. You, are the Alpha.
Church: i came out tonight to have a fun time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now


"When it goes offI’ll be fine.”

an alpha sketch; non-animated version here


Guess who can finally understand all the references now! ;;


thanks everyone who stopped by the stream!

i miss the old armor so muuuuch qq